Filipino BBQ Chicken

Filipino BBQ funk is marinated in soy sauce, citrus juice, brown sugar and fresh garlic to produce a sweet and savory flavor you ’ll love. Perfect for summer regale!

Filipino BBQ funk I’ve participated numerous of my mama ’s fashions with you and judging by your warm feedback, you love them as much as I do. His specials, similar as shrimp with oyster sauce, liver and gizzard with sugar peas, and seafood ginataang, are a favorite in our family and always a highlight of our refections. party or gathering during our vacation.

My mama is a good chef, but when we were youthful, she did n’t cookoften.She’s an active mama who works long hours and only on weekends can we enjoy her succulent food. Filipino Grilled funk still, what she does regularly is cook this Filipino Grilled funk all week. Every other day, my mama marinated a many pounds of funk legs and shanks in the refrigerator in case my family and I came home empty from academy. With well- seasoned funk pieces, we can have a hearty “ snack ” while she’s at work.

Filipino BBQ funk My mama ’s special funk dish was similar a part of my nonage that my musketeers still flash back it to thisday.They used to hang around our house after academy, and we always fried marinated funk and enjoyed a little treat. I was actually on the phone with my high academy stylish friend the other day and she asked if the form was on my blog because she wanted to make it for her family.

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