Ginisang Upo in Sardinas

Ginisang Upo in Sardinas

Ginisang Upo in Sardinas is quick and easy to prepare in 20 twinkles, while also saving plutocrat. It’s made with sardines and squash for a nutritional and succulent mess the whole family will love. Ginisang Upo in Sardinas Table of Contents Cooking Tips How to Serve and Store Other Vegetable Recipes Ginisang Upo in Sardinas I’ve a veritably simple taste for who I love to cook and blog about for a living. My idea of a good mess is the simple combination of sardines miswa ginisang and climbed eggs with storming fumed rice – surely my favourite.

Ginisang upo with sardines is one of my other favorite ways to turn a humble can of ketchup sardines( two in this case) into an emotional sidedish.However, also you ca n’t go wrong with this rustic dish, If you ’re looking for commodity easy and affordable but still hearty and satisfying to make for the family. Sardines cut into pieces and crisp flakes, nutritional and succulent at the same time!

Culinary tips

Choose youthful gourds, establishment to the touch, smooth skin, light green color, no bruises oryellowing.However, the seeds are soft and comestible, If the squash isyoung.However, remove the seeds and spongy inwards as the seeds are too hard to eat and the spongy meat can come mushy when cooked, If it’s overcooked. Using a vegetable bobby , peel the squash by running along the squash. Cut the squash in half lengthwise, also cut into pieces of equal consistence to insure indeed growing. Cook vegetables until tender as vegetables will continue to cook and soften at residual heat. For a bit of spice, add some diced chili or some hot sauce. Want to outstretchrations?More miso polls! For variety, replace bitter melon with bitter melon.

How to use and store

Serve for lunch or dinner with steamed rice with scrambled eggs or boiled eggs for a delicious and hearty meal! Refrigerate leftovers for up to 3 days in a sealed container. This dish frozen does not taste good because the gourd is too mushy and watery due to freezing and defrosting. Place in a pot and cook until an internal temperature of 165 F is reached to reheat.


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